About Us

Keep Sausalito Salty?

What, exactly, is this all about? Here's the deal: Sausalito is a special place and there are more than a few of us who would like to see this small town stay just as it is. My name is Alex and I have been calling Sausalito home for almost twenty years. I came up with the "Keep Sausalito Salty" slogan after talking to one of my neighbors. 

"The people running this town are trying to sell of all the public land," he told me. It didn't take much imagination to see how quickly the town could transform into just another blah suburb. And so a grassroots campaign was born!

Soon I hired artist Nathaniel Russell. T-shirts were handed out to friends and before too long people were clamoring for their own. The message is simple: Let's preserve and defend the parts of the town that make it unique. 

Sausalito is just a ferry ride away from booming San Francisco but remains a world apart. Home to boat builders, craftsmen, thinkers, hikers, painters, and boat-dwelling anchor outs, Sausalito has a fishing boat fleet, narrow stairways that weave through its four valleys, and a half-dozen handcrafted houseboat docks. 

Keep Sausalito Salty and our original Nat Russell illustrations celebrate Sausalito in its unpolished glory. So, thanks for supporting our cause. And keep it salty, my friends.